The next chapter: BBQ and Smoking (Meats)

I have always been a huge BBQ fan.

Can you tell the difference between pulled pork smoked on a Traeger, a Weber, a Big Chief or worse, a generic restaurant smoker? I can; brisket too- I’m serious I’ve got it down, my palette is sharp for this particular cuisine- its a blessing and a curse.

Blessing = appreciation for good BBQ.

Curse = have you read my blog?

Yeah, last summer I got the urge to make some really great BBQ at home. All I had was a $149 competition Weber Kettle– no big smoker, no experience cooking BBQ beyond simple burgers, dogs, chicken and steaks (which usually did not turn out well, I’ll cite my better half as a resource on this). Basically, I sucked, but I didn’t want to, so I did something about it.

I went to BBQ school (yes, there is such a thing). Then I went to another BBQ school. I started to get the idea, but what about just having the Weber? Discovering the Smokenator solved that problem and after some trial and error I produced these (and they were AMAZING):

BBQ Ribs:

BBQ Ribs

Note the pink smoke ring:

The Smoke Ring

Pulled pork:

Smoked Pork

Again, note the smoke ring:

Smoked Pulled Pork

Stay tuned, as the weather gets nicer, I’ll get back to work and this time, all the recipes and tricks will be posted here.

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